Ways To Light Up Your Home

Posted on February 23 2020

Table Lamps

Bedroom: Bedside lamps are a staple for your room, but it pays to play around with shape and color, it doesn’t always have to match! It’s also a great way to add whimsy through modern shapes and lamp textures. Living: Every living space needs at least one table lamp. It offers light control, sets a comforting mood and can draw the eye to treasured artworks, photographs and displays. Kitchen and Dining: In the dining area, you want to control the amount of light in the room. Too much can create a ‘canteen’ effect. Instead, opt for a table lights set to the side on a buffet or a side table, it’ll offer a softer, more romantic mood.

Pendants & Chandeliers

Living: Light needs to be strong enough to illuminate the area, especially if there’s a lack of natural light, without being too dominating. If you have high ceilings, go large, sculptural with a bolt of color. It’ll draw the eye upward and expand your sense of space. If you have lower ceilings, you can still use a pendant, but keep it simple and neutral. Dining and Kitchen: If you have an open-plan kitchen, a beautiful cluster of pendant lights (we love the look of three in a row over a kitchen island) helps to highlight the zone and add a bit of decorating flair to the home. Adopt the European style of hanging the light just above head level when seated. It encourages people to gather underneath and creates a real sense of intimacy and sharing. Bedroom: In the bedroom, a pendant light can be a truly beautiful focal point. Chandelier type lights can be a really beautiful choice, especially if you incorporate a ceiling rose and cornices.

Floor Lamps

Living: A decorator’s favorite, standing lamps can add sculptural beauty to a room and light up a dark, forgotten corner. These lamps look best when paired with an occasional chair or a bookcase. Bedroom: Adding height to a space is a clever way to transform a room. Standing lamps can take the place of the bedside lamp for a clever take on tradition. Dining and kitchen: Floor lamps in the dining room can add off the side additional lighting and set a romantic ambiance for your dinner affairs.


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