Posted on February 23 2020

It’s time to reclaim your space with a little bit of style and a whole lot of know-how. Here’s all you need to transform your home from drab to fab!

Step 1: Ask for help

Talk to your friends, set up a Pinterest board or Inspiration board and call in a little expert feedback – it all helps you to work out exactly what you want, and saves you from the heartbreak of making the wrong decision. The freedom ID team can come to your home or meet you in store and help create a ‘visual moodboard’ of what you want your home to look and feel like.

Step 2: Be focused

Pick a room and then zero in again to focus on a corner or a wall you’d like to change. It’s a great way to test out schemes, ideas without committing to a large project. Create a vignette of what you love. Play around with motifs, color and pattern. Once you’ve created something you really love, you can start to develop it on a larger scale around your home.

Step 3: Palette perfection

Color is the foundation for your home’s style and it’s the quickest way to transform your space. This season, soft sorbets are the order of the day. Work in a soft wash of pastel alongside your dominant neutral color with smaller doses of accent hues.


1. A dash of color

Feeling a bit nervous about color? Simply paint inside a door frame or on the inside of your bookshelf for a quirky take on your favorite hue.

2. Add Art

Don’t neglect your walls! An oversized artwork can add maximum impact to your room – or go small with a clever collection. Art adds interest, color and pattern to your space.  

3. Cushions, rugs and throws

Move from a winter look to easy breezy summer style just by adding new cushions, rugs and throws into the mix. When the warm weather hits, stash away chunky knits and soft velvets, and pull out soft cottons and linens, and add in pretty prints and patterns for a real style pick-me-up.

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