Posted on February 17 2020

Marble and travertine table tops are highly durable and need minimal care to maintain their beauty. Every marble or travertine top is unique – no table will have the same shades or patterns.


  • We’ve applied a clear lacquer to protect the marble or travertine against wine, grease and coffee spills. But wipe any spills immediately with a clean cloth to avoid staining.
  • Use table runners, place mats and coasters to reduce the chances of marking and damaging the marble or travertine.


  • Don’t use acidic, lemon or vinegar-based cleaners - a mild soapy solution will do the trick, but remember to rub the marble or travertine dry.
  • Don’t drag your table as it will stress the frame. Grab your partner/flatmate/neighbour and carefully lift it from both ends when moving.
  • Avoid knocking your table as this may chip or scratch the marble or travertine.

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