Posted on February 23 2020

When hanging a mirror over a sofa or furniture that is less than 30” tall, follow the instructions for placing the mirror at eye level (approx. 60”– 65” from the floor).

Mirrors placed above a dining room sideboard, server or buffet console can be hung lower on a wall to account for the change in eye level when people are seated at a dining room table.

For taller pieces of furniture (cabinets, bookcases etc.) the space between the bottom of the mirror and the top of your furniture should be approximately 4” – 8”. For taller furniture leave a smaller gap in order to keep the mirror as close to eye level as possible.

When hanging a mirror above a fireplace mantel, leave a 4”- 6” gap between the bottom of the mirror and the top of the mantel, depending on the size of the frame and the shape of the mirror. When in doubt, always err on the side of hanging the mirror slightly lower on the wall.


Determine if there are wooden wall studs directly behind the anchor mounting marks. You can do this with a stud finder purchased from a hardware store, or by drilling a small pilot hole. If the drill bit hits wood, you’ve found a wall stud. If it hits nothing and goes straight through, there is no stud and you’ll need to use a wall anchor/shield.

For walls with wooden studs directly behind the anchor points, simply drill two small pilot holes into the wall at the anchor points and use the screws provided to hang your mirror.

For mounting areas without wood studs directly behind the anchor marks, you’ll need to use wall anchors/shields to secure the screws to the wall. Drill a hole in the wall at each anchor mark and then push the wall anchor/shield into this hole. Now simply screw the mounting screws into the wall.

After installing your screws, place the wire on the back of the mirror frame onto your screws (leave screws extended approx. 1/8 inch from the wall) and step back to visually inspect the placement of your mirror.

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